Playalot - Website - Covid Protocols Image - January 2021

Playalot's  Covid-19 Protocols

Playalot’s livelihood depends on our stringent health and safety protocols, which has been in place since the day we opened our doors. You can be rest assured that they are still world class during the pandemic.

We do not only want you to wear a mask because we force you to do so, but we want you to wear it ‘cause it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO!


We will vigilantly ENFORCE MASK WEARING & SOCIAL DISTANCING along with regular sanitation protocols as per the Government Gazette.


Compulsory protocols:

  • Hand sanitising (we have free standing & wall-mounted dispensers across the park)
  • Temperature screening on arrival
  • Covid-19 prevention forms on arrival
  • Physical distancing in queues
  • Use of material masks by staff and clients (also see link below)
  • Deep cleaning of obstacles every day and hourly sanitising of tables, counters & railings
  • Hourly Covid-19 prevention reminders, over intercom
  • Access to medical services


We allow you to take your mask off for brief periods; when sitting down for eating & drinking and when you and the kids push your heart rates high on a fun obstacle. The rest of the time, PLEASE WEAR A MASK!


We find these guidelines most appropriate and ask that your read through it. 

Feel free to WhatsApp us with any questions 

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